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Since day 1 on the floor I’ve kept
track of every single session.
Week ending 28/05/2017.


Years gym experience

Having been around gyms since the ripe age of 15 and a trainer for the last 8, Matt has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.



To help as many people as I can transform their lives through fitness and health, just like I have.


Having spent 15 years in gyms throughout his home town of Warwick in South East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast, Matt has established himself as one of Sydney’s leading Personal Trainers.

Matt’s overall philosophy is based around hard work with no excuses but also having a good time. This stems from his discipline and determination to overcome obesity as a teenager.

Health and fitness is now a center point of Matt’s life. He practices what he preaches often jumping in on sessions to help push his clients.

Matt trains a variety of male and female clients of all ages and has the ability to adapt to different levels of fitness and personalities. His style is based around positivity, progression, accountability, results, respect and relationships.

get training & nutrition plans from an expert


Access strength & conditioning, hypertrophy, fat loss and running programs all strategically designed by Matt.


Access aggressive fat loss, muscle gain and weight management nutrition plans designed by Matt using his knowledge and experience. These plans have been accredited by dietician Rebecca McPhee

Online Coaching

Diet, Training & Supplement protocols designed for YOU. Customised to suit your body, your lifestyle and your goals.

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